About Us

Welcome to new Commodore

The newly resurrected Commodore founds a new companys branch named Commodore Engineering with other young Italian entrepreneurs, Luigi Simonetti as General Manager, Stefano Cianfanelli as Development Manager and Giovanni Celauro as Sales Manager: made up of only highly skilled national staff, it presents itself as a leading research and development body in the electronics and computer engineering sector and is invested with the honor and the burden of realizing the hardware relaunch and starting the software development process.

Commodore is a brand that comes from afar: its glorious history began in 1955 in America with the construction of typewriters until it became that great company that most of us know and remember very well. The adventure of modern computing starts from the Commodore offices, destined to change the history of mankind: the very young Steve Jobs and Bill Gates take their first steps just like Commodore employees, along with many other key characters in the world of macro and micro computer technology.

Our Mission

The company’s mission is to prevent such an historic and iconic brand from being lost. Times have changed, entertainment platforms are completely different, so we are ready to build products in line with the times.

It is pronounced commdore, it is written success!

Our Core Values


Commodore's excellence is the act of going beyond customer expectations and offering an industry-leading experience that truly surprises its customers

Customer Care

Commodore assists all customers before, during and after the purchase of a product or service. Always by yourside.


Commodore guarantees the highest level of security by protecting the customer from unauthorized privacy violations.


Commodore offers software solutions to manage your company flows, profiled for the employee and for every role of responsibility.

Commodore Business Machines leadership

Our team of award winning specialist

Luigi Simonetti

COO - Commodore Engineering

Stefano Cianfanelli

Development Manager Commodore Engineering

Giovanni Celauro

Sales Manager Commodore Engineering

Fabrizio Francucci

Administrative Manager Commodore Engineering

We love to explore every dimension!

Never Alone

We love the drop that makes the vase overflow because there is the seed of change and progress.

We are confident that the passion is the really business goal. We will ensure that the past of this brand becomes its future.

We focus our energies on the development of an evolutionary technology, indispensable for improving the quality of our customers’ free time.

Projects in progress

Images to rember

remember the days gone by to build a great future.

How can I forget those days?

Days when we built our skills while playing. Now, after many years, our best experts come from those days and continue to work with the same passion they had as children.

Our goal is to give the same days to the current kids, we want to explain that you can be a serious and professional person even with a smile and while playing.