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In a timeless past, when the predominant darkness clouded the eyes of men, a knight was deprived of his soul when Evil killed the tree of life.
Turok, this is his name, will face tough battles against mighty and evil enemies, which will hinder his path.
The kingdom of evil will hurl ghost knights reduced to frightening skeletons against him, giant trees will block the way for our knight who will fight hard to free the castle in which his soul is trapped.
Giant pumpkins, and other creatures of darkness will make his path difficult and dangerous. Our knight will fight hard in every level and the shadow of death and defeat will always hover over him.
8 levels of pure survival will involve Turok, until reaching the castle tower, where, in addition to finding his soul, our knight will discover that the tree of life is not dead, and thanks to his courage he will be freed from the evil coils of the realm of the dark.

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